The Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Korea FTA negotiations will identify the impacts on sustainable development of the Agreement to be negotiated; make policy recommendations; and contribute to informed discussion.
The Team

Murray G. Smith, the team leader, has extensive experience in analysis of trade and development and integration issues and has been team leader for several large interdisciplinary studies including analysing the impact of EU enlargement upon EU-India trade and investment relations. As a team leader on major evaluations he has introduced sustainability indicators including poverty and gender impacts into analysis of the impacts of trade development and trade related assistance.

Dr. Thiery Apoteker, has extensive experience in analysing trade and economic relations between the European Union and Asian economies. With Mr. Smith, Dr. Apoteker teaches a course for Commission officials on the mainstreaming of trade related assistance. 

Denise Colonna D'Istria, has extensive experience in trade and development issues and has undertaken sustainability including environmental, social and gender impact analysis.

Joseph Rocher, is an expert in sustainable development and international trade in agriculture in the EU and in developing countries.

Alan Fitzgibbon, a former chief economist for the Irish Export Trade Board, has extensive experience in analysis trade and industrial impacts of policy developments and also has extensive experience in analysis of environmental, social and community impacts.

Dr. Inkyo Cheong, is Professor of Economics at Inha University, Incheon, Korea. He also serves as Director for Center on FTA Studies at the university, and he has been actively involving in Korea’s FTA policy formation, especially as a member of Korea’s negotiation team, and in official studies for economic feasibilities in Korea’s major FTAs such as a Korea-Japan FTA, a Korea-ASEAN FTA, a Korea-US FTA, a Korea-India FTA, etc. He has been Research Fellow for eight years in Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Seoul, Korea.

H.S. Lee, a senior fellow with the Korea Institute of Economic Policy, has extensive experience in analysing the impacts on industries of Korea’s bilateral FTAs.  

Sylvain Barthélemy, has been working on trade and FDI issues for the past ten years, including studies in “transition economies” and Asian countries, trade modelling, fiscal modelling, country monitoring and risk analysis.

Isabel Legrand, is an applied economist specialising in industry and quantitative analysis.

Jungran Cho, Senoir Research Fellow Inchon University is conducting research focused on how business sectors’ production networks are adapting and responding the expansion of FTAs and the implications for technology and innovation.